Certificates 2018-07-31T11:53:12+02:00

Bioprotector products have received certificates of quality from various Institutes and organizations, proving their efficiency.

The Institute for Prevention, Occupational Safety, Fire Protection and Development

from Serbia, conducted a research on the effect of the Bioprotector on low and medium electromagnetic radiation frequencies. Using Bioprotector, emissions were reduced to the values given in the table.


The Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology Bion

from Slovenia, awarded the Bioprotector a certificate confirming its protective effects against harmful non-ionizing radiation.


Hippocampus BRT

from Hungary, awarded the Bioprotector a certificate based on the research conducted in their research center and approved the product’s efficiency.


Protocol Data Systems

from Canada, conducted a detailed study called Emissions Comparison Report using the Bioprotector, and the results they reached prove that the Bioprotector significantly reduces the effects of electromagnetic radiation.


Specialised Centre for Alternative Medicine Tedeas

from Slovakia, conducted a scanning of the human biofield, and came to the conclusion that the presence of the Bioprotector increases its intensity.

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