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Electromagnetic radiation is all around us and constant or occasional exposure to it can have detrimental effects on our physical and mental abilities.

Bioprotector products have been laboratory tested to provide effective protection from all forms of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, potentially harmful to human health, by optimize environmental electromagnetic field and harmonizing the biofield of the human body.


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About Bioprotector

The Bioprotector harmonizes the deformed biofield of the human body, and so provides protection from excessive exposure to non-ionizing radiation.
The Bioprotector is:

The Safest & Most Effective EMF-Protection

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Laboratory tested to provide effective protection against all forms of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

Anti–Stress Harmonizer

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Harmonising the biofield of the human body and its environment.

Harmless & Environment Friendly

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No harmful side effects.
Unlimited life span.


Bioprotector International offers a collection of products that can provide you with effective EMF protection, whether you're at home, at work, or on the go.

Spatial Bioprotector


Spatial Bioprotector provides protection from excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation within the home or office.

Personal Bioprotector


Personal Bioprotector has been laboratory tested to provide effective pro- tection against all forms of non-ionizing electromagne- tic radiation, ...

Bioprotector for Mobile


The mobile phone is the most widely used source of electromagnetic radiation. With the Bioprotector, the mobile phone will become...

Bioprotector for Tablet


When you put Bioprotector (Laptop, Tablet & Mobile) on your devices, be sure that you have a secure protection of  potential harmful  influence...

The implementation of measures against electromagnetic radiation is nowadays one of the most important requirements for a healthy and functional life. The fight for preserving the environment is incomplete unless it includes protection from excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation.


We have helped many people improve the quality of their lives. Here's what they had to say.

photo of Nevena

Nevena Simin - journalist

"I used to have trouble with my left knee, the pain got so bad over a period of one year that I couldn't climb up the stairs without dragging myself along the handrail. I couldn't walk without holding on to things, I couldn't squat or bend over, I could practically see myself with clutches. Then I heard about The Bioprotector, it was being promoted at an association I was with, and I wanted to try it out. I placed it under my bed as suggested, and within the first week I felt significant improvement, the pain was gone. Within a month and a half I was up and running so to speak, and now I can climb up the stairs to my second floor apartment without holding on to the handrail as well as carrying a load. I can squat, and if I sit on the floor I can get up without any trouble. Of course we measured where the underground radiation was, I know where the sources of electromagnetic radiation are, so I keep one Biopretector by the computer, one under the bed, one by the TV, and I'm all set."

Sofija Mišić - economist

“Before I started using the the Bioprotector I had trouble getting out of bed, especially early in the morning, I felt tired and suffered from headaches. When I placed the Bioprotector under my bed, my condition significantly improved. Now I have one at the office, in my living room and my bedroom, and I think it has helped me a lot.”

photo of Sofija
photo of Zvezdan

Zvezdan Ljubenković - electro-puncture diagnostician

“I started using The Bioprotector at the recommendation of my friends. For the past ten years, since I used to be an athlete, I have had trouble with my back. The pain was constant, more or less intense, but constantly there. I tried various therapies and devices but nothing helped. I've been using The Bioprotector for the past couple of weeks and my condition has improved. We'll see how long it will last, but the fact is that I felt better after a few days. I hadn't been able to bend over or put on my socks, and I think a lot of people have the same problem. My condition has improved and I feel much better than before I started using it.”

Snežanka Janjetović - MA in traditional medicine

“It is fantastic at harmonizing the energy flow in the body, from what I can tell. I can feel its effects in the room - when I sit next to it I feel the room become "wider" than usual. And, which is great, it provides protection in every direction, placed either horizontally or vertically, its effects are exactly the same, as opposed to some devices I have tested, where the effects of the device change if you change its position. ”

photo of Snežanka

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